Enemies of Malaysians

Who don’t have enemies? We all have. That is why we have problems. While some maybe our own making but most of our problems are from evil men who are themselves manipulated by evil spirits. How do we explain the evil thoughts that came into our minds? Where it came from? We want to be good and do good but suddenly an urge to curse or hatred or sexual lust came into our minds. Where does it came from? Is it from  our own evil hearts?

The enemies of Malaysians are real and will turn this wonderful land into a desolate place if those who knew the truth and love this land does not stop the sons of evil from inciting and misleading the people. For too long the people had been led astray into believing that only  a leader from his own race can take care of them. Or that this land belongs to a certain race .Or the religion of this land is such.

If one truly believed that all comes from God the creator , then this land does not belongs to any race or religion. Unless one hears from God that this land belongs to whom He choses, the earth belongs to all. If God is like our Father then we are all His children and should live together in peace. We should love each other and help each other. This will surely pleases our Father who is God. Will you not be please if your children are loving towards each other? Will you not be please if your children works together and share with each other?

Some will not understand this because to them  god is a tyrant and dictator who only favors those who obeys him and controls the unbelievers. To them is either you submit to their religion or face persecution. Somehow they are blinded by some ‘beautiful’ verses and their minds numb by daily chanting how great is their god. To them their religion is performing the daily ritual and chanting verses which sometimes they do not understand themselves because it is in a foreign language.

After a while their minds are so programmed and heavily indoctrinated that only a certain dogmatic program is the true or right way. Anything said will be against them or their religion. Or a blasphemy to their religion and only force can settle the score. If they can’t get their way by threats or force, they will even end their lives and unfortunately together with some innocent victims.

These are the enemies of Malaysians. They who seek all power by any means. They would lied and used corrupt ways to stay in power. Shedding blood is only an option as the man said recently. By now you should know who are our enemies. But still w e should not fight evil with evil as then we are no different from them. Our method is to love them and pray for them , that their eyes be opened and they see the truth and was free. Yes lord.


About themalaysianman

A Malaysian who loves Malaysians.
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