Welcome To Malaysia – A Spiritual War Ground

A recent statement by a local university lecturer is only add to the escalating spiritual war in the air. In no other nations but the Islamic nations would one declare a religion as the official religion . This declaration seem to officially entitled them to suppress all other religions. The war to dominate and seek control over the other religions seem like exercising their rights as the official religion as stated in the constitution. Though it only merely state that its ‘official religion’ and nothing more.

What boggles our minds is their inability to see the facts and truths. That we are all born equal and free to believe what one think is right and true. Its our mind and hearts that counts when one chose to believe in the unseen. Its called faith. But yet the authority seek to force all to follows its chosen belief and to suppress others and eventually hope to totally wipe them off the land. Their act totally is against their rhetoric that their religion is peaceful and fair. This totally hypocritical when others could easily see the fault. But yet somehow they can’t . It seem that their minds are totally shaped and hardened .It seem that it could not be undone anymore. That is so sad indeed. As the creator mean for all to be free to keep on learning . Asking, seeking and knocking at every doors . Some how their is already set and could not take in anymore.

So true that they insist that others also follows their ways and practices. Even insisting to implement their laws and force others to obey their laws when the existence of other religions and faiths proved  that others do not accept their belief to be right . Some are so deceived and confused that they  commit suicide and taking other’s lives together with them. They are so frustrated and feel insulted when they failed to see the establishment of their faith and laws over their nation.  Thinking that what their leaders told them to be the whole truth. They believed that their acts are righteous and will be rewarded here or hereafter.

What is happening and going on here in Malaysia are the sign of spiritual war above to take control of the land. We are all  soldiers and we will fight for what is right and good.   As all movies and stories will tell us , the real absolute truth always wins in the end. Good is not the word for it because as the war shows that to one is good but to others is evil. Do we really can see and understand the absolute truth or are we so blinded that many  have eyes but cannot see? Have ears but cannot hears and not understand? Such is the state of man today. An evil and wicked generation.


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A Malaysian who loves Malaysians.
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